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Since 1991, we specialized in teaching languages and we are experts in teaching Spanish.

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Monterrey is a metropolitan city where you can find the magic of Mexican modern culture and enterprises.
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“My experience at Eurolenguas has been really good! Their Spanish program is well-rounded, they have well defined English explanations and well prepared teachers. I thought Spanish was hard, but with their method I’ve been able to learn it faster.” CEO

Due to COVID-19 and the importance of the community, students and teacher’s health, our Spanish lessons are being given live-online vía Skype and Zoom. As soon as our authorities allow us to give our classes in our facilities, we will give you the option to continue online or in person.

Our online lessons feel like they were in-person.

  • Benefits of our live-online courses:

    • Certified & Native speaker teachers
    • Live & interactive lessons.
    • Small groups targeting needs.
    • No registration fee.
    • Recorded lessons accessible for 7 days.
    • Electronic material provided at no cost.
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The Spanish School of Monterrey by Eurolenguas, is a language school with more than 25 years of experience on teaching languages and translating.

Our experience teaching different languages allow us to study the way people learn and we have been able to develop teaching methods that accelarates the learning and retention process.

Our Mission is to develop simultaneously in two years all the speaking skills- listening, talking, comprehending, writing and interacting- because we know that the most important of learning a language is being able to communicate and achieve your personal goals.

Advantages of our system:
  • Well designed programs.
  • English based explanation lessons for a better understanding.
  • Bilingual Experienced teachers (English / Spanish / French/ German / Arabic) for better explanations.
  • Mexican Spanish materials.
  • Customized lessons.

Benefits from our system:​

  • Learning the language in a short period of time.
  • Individual lessons or small groups for a better learning experience.
  • Customized courses.
  • Friendly environment.
  • Comprehensive and Dynamic teaching method.

Our courses are based in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2).

We have prepared many Directors, executives, students and foreign families that have moved into Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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I am from the US and have lived in Monterrey, Mexico for the past three years. Surprisingly, it is very hard to find spanish language schools here and even more difficult to find good ones. I started taking classes at Eurolenguas and the experience has been absolutely fantastic! Unlike most schools I have attended in the past, their curriculum is very well rounded and works on all aspects of the spanish language such as pronunciation, grammar, cultural readings, writing, oral comprehension and importantly, developing an emotional connection with the language. Another BIG point of differentiation versus other schools is the teachers. It is very clear to me that the teachers at Eurolenguas love what they do, have a passion for the language they are teaching and most importantly, they truly care about your growth as a student. Perhaps the best part of the Eurolenguas experience for me has been my progress in all areas of learning Spanish, writing, comprehension and speaking. All of my friends have noticed a big difference after just one month of classes. My course at Eurolenguas has been an extremely rewarding experience.
William C.
As a native English speaker, I have had many false starts with Spanish classes, and believed I lacked the aptitude to master a new language as an adult. My experience with Eurolenguas has changed that misconception. After a few months of one-on-one classes, my proficiency and confidence have greatly improved. I still make plenty of mistakes, but I'm no longer scared to try, and am genuinely learning and beginning to communicate in a second language. I highly recommend the patient, thoughtful instruction at Eurolenguas!
Paul Booth
Great Spanish course with an amazing teacher, flexible and attentive to these students! I highly recommend
Interchange Student
As a person who is just starting out to learn a new language, i am enjoying thoroughly. The classes are very interesting and fun, I never get bored and I am making really good progress as well. Overall, a great experience.
Highschool Student

We are located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, the nicest and safest county in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey.

You can find us:

Vía Savotino 634-A Ote., Planta Alta.
Fuentes del Valle, San Pedro, Nuevo León, México.

+(52) 812 943 6551

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Vía Savotino 634-A Ote., Planta Alta. Fuentes del Valle, San Pedro, Nuevo León, México.

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